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At home

Cellini’s quality even at home

Whether you choose a traditional Moka coffee maker, a home espresso machine or compatible pod and capsule systems, you will always obtain the unmistakable flavour and rich and intense aroma of our blends.

Ground coffee

A vast range of high-quality blends, with different grinding and roasting to give you the perfect espresso coffee even at home.


Our capsules allow you to select your favourite coffee from a series of blends that stand out for their flavour and intensity. Each capsule has its own distinctive quality, offering you new experiences and satisfying your palate with every cup.


Each Cellini pod is packaged in a protected atmosphere to maintain its aroma and freshness, offering you a perfect and masterfully prepared coffee, to be enjoyed at home, just as at the bar.

Instant coffee

Cellinissimo is an Instant-Espresso made with real original Italian espresso coffee. Selection of the best origins, combined with our traditional slow roasting technique, gives Cellinissimo an unmistakable flavour and aroma.