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Cookie Policy

Data controller: The data controller is EKAF INDUSTRIA NAZIONALE DEL CAFFÈ S.p.A., based in Genoa Bolzaneto, Lungotorrente Secca 3r; Ph. 010 716541; Fax 010 7165499; e-mail:

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text strings that convey some information from our site and are stored on your browser. By browsing, cookies are sent back to the server, which processes this information in order to acquire browsing statistical information, aimed at facilitating site consultation and improving your browsing experience.

Which cookies do we use?

Technical cookies

On our site we use technical cookies. These cookies remain active for the duration of connection to allow you to properly use all website features; for example, quickly accessing to restricted areas, obtaining the required service, writing a comment, checking if a service was already offered, obtaining an optional service offer, etc.

Technical cookies collect information in aggregate form on the number of users and on their ways of surfing the website; this allows us to optimize performance. Using technical cookies for such purposes, your consent is not required.

Some examples about our use of information include:

memorizing previous actions (e.g. text entered) during the back navigation to a page in the same session and already applied settings;

managing security tokens within the website to identify the status of the visitor (e.g., registered or unregistered) or to implement restricted areas of the site;

In addition, information regarding your last access to account and when the above account was created is recorded and maintained.

The information collected by these cookies is anonymous and cannot track user behaviour on other sites.

Statistical and Performance Cookies (Web Analytics) are generally linked to web analytics and are used to gather information on how you use the site. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated anonymously and used exclusively to improve the functionality of the site. For example, managing its performance and structure, and ensuring to maintain a consistent aspect in the current and subsequent sessions.

In particular, our website use Google Analytics cookies.

These analytical cookies are equivalent to technical cookies.

In any case, we verify that no Third-Party cookies collect information on our website that may allow your personal identification

To disable analytical cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on your browsing, you can download browser add-on to disable Google Analytics: 

For more information, please visit the following website

Advertising and behavioural cookies (profiling cookies)

We use these cookies in order to make our offers more relevant to your needs, avoiding the sending of advertisements not in line with your preferences and tastes. Some examples of the use of these cookies include analysis of previously viewed content, your browsing location (which we find based on your IP connection), your interactions with advertisements, for selecting promotional content that we consider more suitable for your profile.

To use of profiling cookies, we need your consent and we did indeed ask you through the banner as soon as you have logged into our website. The lack of consent does not affect any of the services offered on our website and does not worsen your browsing experience. In any case, you can revoke or confirm your consent by clicking here

Cookies used by external services

On our website there are also information coming from external websites, such as Youtube videos, Facebook Like buttons, Twitter tweets, Instagram. In this case, every service could record on the user’s browser their own cookies, whose management and registration is performed in a completely independent way.

In addition to Google Analytics and the pixel of Facebook, there are other Google tags, entered for operating Google Adwords, Google Merchant and all the connected services used by Italia Online: specifically, Google Tag Manager and Remarketing Tag.

To learn more, you can read their Privacy Policy by clicking here.

How long do we process your data?

The duration of cookies on corporate website

The duration of cookies on the platform E-commerce


tipo di cookie


pll_language (multilanguage preferably)

1 year


Google Analytics

2 years


Google Analytics

10 minutes


Google Analytics

1 day


1 month


at the end of the browsing session

Cookies are kept on our database for 15 minutes from your last interaction with the platform.

When data reaches the end of the retention period, they will automatically be deleted.

How to Disable or Manage Cookies

You can control cookie management: You can prevent cookies registration, disabling them or simply selecting the ones you wish to keep. If you decide to disable all cookies, some website features may result affected.

You can surf temporarily avoiding the browser to register cookies generated by websites, enabling incognito browsing (also called “private browsing” or “anonymous browsing”) available on modern browsers.

In this mode, the browser, depending on the version used, does not record cookies or registers only some cookies required for the website operation. However, cookies are deleted once the tab is closed. In addition, in this mode, websites displayed in the history are not saved and the information entered in the forms (form) on the pages is not saved. Instructions are available on browser support sites used: (Google Chrome e Google Chrome Mobile, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Apple Safari Mobile)

You can also completely disable cookies. To change your browser settings in order to disable cookies, we inform you that you can usually follow this procedure: select “Internet Options” or “Preferences” from the “Tools”, “View” or “Edit” menu; select “Privacy”, “Protection” or “File Download” and choose your preferred settings. 

Below is the process to follow for handling cookies from the following browsers:

Internet Explorer:  





As for guides such as analytics to disable Facebook cookies, you may consult and then click on the paragraph “How can you control Facebook’s use of cookies to show you ads?”

For more information about cookies and to manage your preferences, we invite you to visit