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Our Cellini blends for professionals

Our blends have been created specifically to allow espresso professionals to serve a product characterised by a high quality standard. And by all the passion of Cellini coffee.

Become a Cellini coffee-shop

Offering Cellini in your coffee shop does not mean simply associating your business with a brand that is popular all over the world and that has made Italian espresso history. It means serving the customers in your café every day with the coffee they have learned to love.
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To prepare a good espresso, you must follow a few essential rules. In order to obtain the perfect espresso, a little something extra is indispensable. Cellini. La Vita. La Passione.

Decaffeinated range

Available both in whole-bean and easy single-serving doses, Cellini decaffeinated is a blend of selected Arabica and Robusta coffees. Thanks to its low caffeine content, it can be enjoyed by everybody also in the evening.

Cellini worldwide

Every day, thousands of cups of Cellini coffee are served all over the world. We have more than 10,000 ambassadors: baristas, espresso experts who provide a flavourful good morning to people in every culture and from all over the world who share a common passion. The passion for Cellini coffee.

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