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Our philosophy

La vita. La passione.

The Cellini group has been producing high quality coffee for decades, combining the best aspects of established roasting techniques with the guarantees and traceability of a certified production process.
Rather than slowing down development, the direct and indirect experiences of the past have served as a launchpad for the new spirit of innovation which drives the men and women who have worked and continue to work for Cellini.

This has enhanced the quality of their work, as part of a project on which everyone is working with enthusiasm and interest, and the slogan “Cellini. La Vita. La Passione.” has been created to reflect this attitude.

“Profit is not a company’s one and only raison d’être.
My family’s life has always been rooted in taking advantage of situations where building something as an improvement was worthwhile.
If a company represents a certain tradition, a certain history; if it manages to produce goods that can improve people’s quality of life and make them happy; if it preserves traditions and keeps them going by opening them up to collective efforts, then it represents a common heritage that is worth preserving, growing and nurturing.
Those who work with us share this philosophy and play their part in the company’s everyday life knowing that their work is an essential part of a common product that goes beyond the work of any one person, and this is something to be proud of and happy about.”

Giovanni Pieri

Caffè Cellini School

Our experience and enthusiasm for coffee has led to creation of the Caffè Cellini School: an encounter between bar staff or simple enthusiasts and the world that revolves around a cup of coffee.


Our experience is based on three generations of coffee roasters and it is a heritage we want to share with everyone who, like us, is passionate about coffee, passing on our knowledge and focusing on its unique role in the spread of espresso coffee in Italy and the world.
This is why over 10,000 bar staff members serve Cellini coffee in their bars every day.